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Detox Your Sleep

[] "Polyurethane foam, also appearing as "memory foam" or "soy foam," is made with a potentially cancer-causing chemical, and may emit VOCs. VOCs can also be found in synthetic latex foam, which can irritate eyes, nose and throat, cause headaches and are linked to cancer.

Padding: Polyester is often used for padding, which is a petroleum product that may contain hidden additives and contaminants.

Flame retardant material and chemicals: Studies show that these toxic chemicals appear immediately in the bloodstream and urine, and have linked flame retardants to long-term impacts like endocrine disruption, lower IQ, ADD, fertility issues, thyroid disease and cancer. They are heavy polymers and wind up in common household dust; they're inhaled and consumed and then stored in our fat, and they bio-accumulate and increase through the food chain."

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