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What Is Greenwashing?

[] "Most people make at least some effort to minimize their impact on the planet’s ecosystems. Recycling and saving energy are mainstream practices now, and most of us try to buy more sustainable products. Buying sustainable products does make a difference, but it’s important learn to identify greenwashing, the practice of emphasizing the environmental benefits of a product while ignoring its continued negative impact on the planet.

Marketing studies show that 78% of Americans believe companies should be environmentally responsible and 64% say they feel happy when buying sustainable products. But even the most eco-conscious consumer doesn’t have time to dive deep into research on the environmental merits of every product they buy.

Greenwashing takes advantage of consumers’ limited time to make you feel better about their products instead of making their products more sustainable. But finding out that you’ve been taken in by greenwashing can have you seeing red instead."

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